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I began chiropractic care as a 32-year-old working mother of two. Medical doctors had not been able to alleviate the excruciating pain, numbness and tingling sensations, extreme fatigue and sense of defeat related to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in late 2008. I had lost the ability to feel healthy for over 2 years. I did my best to maintain the life I had worked so hard to build, but was struggling as my energy level continued to dwindle. I no longer had the energy to practice the sports I had been highly involved in.

I met Dr. Thoma at a wellness expo at our church. I was hesitant to try chiropractic as I had a negative experience in the past. I was at a loss though. Medication was not working as I had hoped it would. Two good friends had excellent care from Dr. Thoma so I decided to meet with him and his staff for a consultation. He established where my body was weak, out of alignment and nutrient deficient. Their philosophy of cell level rejuvenation sounded great, but could it really work?

After 90 days of regular chiropractic care, I had an epiphany-I laid on the table realizing my body had made a miraculous return to health-and if every person in the world could experience Dr. Thoma's 6 Step Method to Wellness, the social experience of the world would be so incredible! I was blown away by how much my body had returned to a state of wellness. My life felt so much better as almost all of my day to day activities were greatly improved. Driving became easier: I could bend my chin to my chest and turn my head without shooting pain running down my spine. My headaches caused by intracranial pressure due to a significant MS lesion dramatically decreased. I could pick up by preschool age children without Lhermite's nerves sharply paining down my right side. I could easily bend down and dig around my kitchen cupboards to pull out my giant skillet without having to ask for help. My concentration, energy level and creativity at work increased. I was falling asleep without throbbing in my head every night and I had no trouble falling or staying asleep. After a day of work, I had my "old" energy back and could play hard with my daughters without having my right leg give out.

My skepticism was replaced with a desire to tell everyone about Dr. Thoma and his incredible staff. While spending time in his practice, I observed Anne and Sharon's specific ability to be in tune with each of their patient's challenges. Sharon provided an integral education piece. Ann's therapeutic knowledge and care and approachable spirit made it enjoyable to be at CHCW. Their lending book library allowed me to expand my knowledge of wellness philosophies and practices-something that my busy life did not allow me time to do. The Ionic Therapy footbaths and ASERT (Allergy Sensitivity Elimination Reprogramming Technique) allowed my body to experience another layer of wellness and healing. I understood healing at a faith-building level.

Eternally grateful is an understatement. Thanks you for your compassionate, wise, and incredible care.

- Christine E.

I was changing a lawnmower blade in July . While lying on my back, pulling on the wrench, I tore my rotator cuff. I noticed the next day that I could not raise my hand to my chest or over my head. The orthopedic surgeon sent me to a neurologist because the tear was not significant enough to cause the loss in the range of motion and weakness. The neurologist found, through an EMG, that I had two pinched nerves in my cervical spine, one to my shoulder, the other to my bicep. He then sent me to a neurosurgeon who said there was not enough evidence in my MRI to justify surgery. He has sent me back to the orthopedic surgeon with a recommendation to surgically repair my torn rotator cuff. While being shuffled back and forth to these specialist, I met Dr. Thoma through a friend who has been taking his wife and four children to Cape Henry Chiropractic. I have only been seen nine times and Dr. Thoma has already been able to relieve all of the pain in my neck and I can now raise my hand over my head effortlessly. I was even able to do 5 bicep curls with a free weight!! So far I am seeing more progress in the last three weeks than I've seen in a whole year. Dr. Thoma's staff is first class.You will be welcomed with open arms by the friendliest and most professional staff I have ever known. Stand tall!! -D.A.

I recently suffered a herniated disc and was in a lot of pain. I thought I would have to have surgery to remedy the problem. I made the best choice I could have ever made by coming to see Dr. Thoma and staff immediately! With every visit and staying with it 2-3x per week, I experienced less and less pain. After just a month or two I feel 100% better. I am so thankful for this blessing in my life. They are loving people who truly care about me and about getting to the root of the problem without drugs or surgery. I highly recommend that anyd. pain sufferers start with chiropractic as opposed to other options as a solution. I love Dr. Thoma and his wonderful staff! -D.U.

I went to many Chiropractors and Osteopaths over a period of 30 years. Most of them helped relieve the pain for at least a short time. None of them liked my X-rays. They all said my back was a mess.All of them would help me get better, but only to a point. I tried working out to strengthen my back and make the adjustments hold, but nothing worked. After only a few days the pain would return and by the time I hit 50 it was horrible. My 90 year old mother could get up the stairs faster and better than I could. It was then that I found Dr. Rob Thoma. When he first started to adjust me it wasn't very much different than the other chiropractors, but as I kept coming I found a profound difference between Dr. Thoma and the rest. He wouldn't give up! He had a lot more in his bag than I had ever had before encountered. He started with my neck, putting me in traction for short periods of time to get the "curve" back in my neck. It was a real shock when my head finally touched the headrest in my car for the first time. Suddenly there was hope again. He did many advanced techniques and I kept getting better. We were working together, physician and patient. It has been almost 4 years since I started. Last week, Dr. Rob Thoma described my back as that of a "swan's" and I now feel like a swan! I can hold my head high and not slumped from pain and I have lots of energy. Thank you Dr. Thoma for being a true physician! -M.R.

After enduring a very active child hood with some sport injuries along the way, I spent most of my teenage and adult years with lower back pain. Over time my lower back pain traveled causing tension in my neck and shoulders as well as my jaw. I tried many avenues to relieve this pain: physical therapy, massage, absence of activities, steroid injections, etc. Though some of these activities caused temporary relief, the pain would always be present and at times disabling. I gave chiropractics a try where I meet Dr. Thoma and his staff and it felt amazing! I truly felt "straight" with my posture for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to commit to chiropractics right away. It took another two years of suffering before I gave 100% to my chiropractic treatment. Once I did, I went from a 28% overture in my neck to a 12% overture in a matter weeks! I feel great and can see serious results with the plan of care Dr. Thoma created for me. -C.C.

I am a hairdresser so I am on my feet and work with my hands all day. My body was tense, very stiff and my left shoulder was in such pain I could barely move. I would get very strong, painful headaches and migraines. I was uptight and very stressed. The pain definitely interfered with my work. Regular chiropractic treatment and supplements have helped so much! It has been three months since I started seeing Dr Thoma and I feel more relaxed , have fewer , less severe headaches and don't suffer from the pain in my shoulder - S.K.

I have had lower back pain since the late 1990's and was going to another chiropractor for treatment and relief the last several years with varying degrees of success. My problems severly limited my physical activites (golf,walking, working out). Several months ago the pain and stiffness as pread to my neck and leg. Because of distance problems, my former chiropractor recommended Dr. Thoma and I have been receiving treatments and adjustments from him the last two to three months. My neck and lower back pain have both been greatly reduced and my leg is slowly gaining more strength. I have recommended Dr. Thoma to some of my friends and relatives. F.D.

I had neck pain from hours hunched over a computer. Sleeping, I would notice it in bed at night. I bought a chiropractic pillow and went to see Dr thoma 3 times a week. My pain was reduced and then went away within 60 days. My lower back looked bad in the X rays and Dr Thoma corrected that too. B.H.

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