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Golf IS a physical game. Balance, alignment and movement are key elements of performing an efficient, pain free golf swing. All the top tour players have a chiropractor on their team to better their performance and keep them in the game. If you suffer from back pain, you’re not alone. After back pain, common among golfers are hip, shoulder and neck complaints. Disc injuries to the neck and lower back are common and are usually the result of ignoring mechanical low back and neck pain for years. It’s the repetitive compressive and rotational forces over a long period of time that will do us in. The muscles involved are getting bad signals and, as a result, are working against each other, adding to the compression and torque. The single most instrumental factor to a consistently reproducible pain free, and efficient golf swing is POSTURE. At Cape Henry Chiropractic Wellness strong posture is our product! Faulty and weak posture precedes pain, dysfunction and even disease. Dr. Thoma has been a passionate golfer for decades. He knows the happiness derived from golf and the fulfillment it can bring when performing well, especially without pain. If you are seeking answers when none have been found elsewhere, it’s important to go to someone with experience.

At Cape Henry Chiropractic Wellness we are dedicated to educating and adjusting as many families as possible towards their fullest expression of life, health, and happiness through natural chiropractic care. And to you that can mean pain free better golf! Call us today to reserve an appointment!

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